Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Plant No.1
I had planted these cucumbers about 5 weeks back. They are growing well. In between there were worms that ate up leaves. I was careless initially. Later sprayed organic pesticide on the leaves and now they are growing fine. The plant has started developing tendrils which needed to be trained. So this is how I am gonna train them. I have a huge birch tree which was already dead when we moved into this house. I just let the tree in its place and now its going to be helping my cucumbers.

Plant No. 2

I had steel rods to train the tendrils on the plant. Once they catch up to these iron rods, I will shift them slowly to the tree which is right behind the rod.

Also, when i replanted my second plant, i accidentally cut the roots at the bottom of the cucumber plant, although the main roots remained intact. Usually cucumber plants do not like the roots to be disturbed. I hope they get adjusted and start to catch up with my first plant. 

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