Thursday, June 30, 2011


My husband and I were really excited to see our first set of radishes. I just took three of them as I really couldn't wait to see my first ever harvest.

How to Harvest:

You can harvest radish in 25-30 days after sowing. They will be ready in no time.

Sprinkle water aorund it just to loosen the soil.

With a spade slowly dig around the radish and pull the radish gently holding the leaves.

That's it! You can wash them well and they are ready to eat.. So fresh and crispy!!! Our radishes tasted perfect.


Do not leave the radish too long after you feel it is harvest time. There are chances that it will mature and turn more hot.

It might also split if you leave it too long after harvest time.

Radishes are the easiest to grow and you can also use the leaves in you salads. I use them in Indian curry as well.

Hope you liked my radish. Have more to be harvested pretty soon. Catch you with more interesting things from my garden. 

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