Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Radishes are the easiest to grow and are really fast. I bought seeds from Walmart and planted them in a starter pot. Radish is a pretty quick crop. It sprouts in exactly 6-7 days. They are supposed to be ready for harvest in 40 days. I planted 4 seeds first of which I could save only 3. Later when we constructed the raised bed, I planted another ten of which all have survived. So there are 3 plants that is grown well. The rest are just giving its second set of leaves. 

My Observations:

First prepare the soil. It can be raised bed or containers. Add fresh soil and make sure there is a good drainage system. 

My suggestion would be first start the plant in a seed starter container with well drained potting mix. When the first set of leaves are established, replant or re pot them in bigger containers or raised bed. 

Place each seed 1/4 -1/2 inch deep and cover it. Keep it well drained and moist. Distance between each seed can be about 3 inches. The radishes are anyways small. If you need bigger size, you can place them at a distance. 

Water regularly until first set of leaves are established. Once you replant them and the plant is well established keep it moist and do not over water. Water if you feel that the soil is getting to dry. It is important to keep the soil moist at all time and not water clogged. 

The first set of leaves are heart shaped. The second set of leaves looks like the one in the picture above. If you look into the picture carefully, you will be able to notice the first set of leaves as well. 

It is always better to mulch the plants with wood chips,barks, hay or even grass cutting from you yard. It helps in drainage and protects plants from excessive heat. 

The big plants are about 4 weeks old and the small ones are about 2 weeks old. I have to just wait and enjoy the plants grow. I started really late this year. This is the first time I am into full fledged gardening. So i din't really know the best time to start planting. From my experience, I think I will start planting early next year. 

See you soon with more. I will also post Harvesting Radish once I am done harvesting them :-) Lets wait and watch my radishes grow!

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