Monday, July 11, 2011


These cucumbers, I harvested few days back. Cucumbers are so fast and you start to get the yield in 45- 55 days. I harvested them when they got 4 inches big as the variety reaches its max of only 4 inches. Let me explain the process of harvesting cucumbers which is very simple. 

When to harvest cucumbers??

Usually, cucumbers can be harvested when they are about 45-55 days depending on the area you live in and climatic zone. For pickling, you can harvest cucumbers when they are more than 2 inches. For slicing, you can harvest when they are 4 - 6 inches in height depending on the variety. 

How to harvest cucumbers??

Just cut the cucumber at the point where it meets the stem. You can cut with scissors or just snap it with your fingers. 


The cucumber plant gives more fruit only if we harvest the mature ones. So keep harvesting as and when you see mature cucumbers. If we leave it to grow further, all nutrients will be absorbed by these big ones. Also, the plant will assume that it has performed it duties and stop producing more flowers and fruits. So keep harvesting to keep the plant producing more fruits.

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