Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GuiYuan Si - GuiYuan Temple

This is very famous in Wuhan. It is said to be famous for luck and prosperity. There were lot of Chinese Gods, Buddha, huge laughing Buddha which was very cute.


The entrance of this temple has this pond filled with turtles. Turtles are supposed to depict long life. So every temple in China has turtle in front of their premises. Not only temples, people keep it at home, shops, etc.

Incense burning place in front of temple. Similar to Indian practice they have such practices too...

Nangwu O mi tofo - Give Power to People who believe in this statement

Unique Bhudda Statue where both front and back had same pose

GUESS WAT???? World's Largest Jade 

We are vegetarians and temples are the only places where you get pure vegetarian dish. And beleive me, the food was very delicious and very healthy too...

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