Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Step in a Literally Foreign World......

Many of us would have traveled to many parts of the world. When it is time to travel we get kind of nervous about the new place, the food, the culture etc. But with one strong base - that is language - English - we face any country boldly and with confidence. But this one country, we were literally foreigners. Language unknown, culture unknown, traditions unfamiliar..... Very interesting country. Rich in history, tradition, value system....

Did you guess the country yet???????? Yes its The land of Forbidden City - China. We had fun in China. It was totally new experience.

Our first step in Beijing airport - cool breeze, wonderful weather, we were boarding our flight to a city called Wuhan, capital of Hubei province. It is located in central China

Why I chose to write about this place first is because we visited this as our first tourist spot in the city.


For details on Yellow crane tower, google gives you lots of info. I am here to discuss about things that amazed me about the places we visited. There are 3 floors and each floor depicted a theme. It had a beautiful view of the entire city from the top most floor. 

There is a huge bell under the red shed. People will gather on Chinese New Year to welcome the new year by ringing this bell. People flock here every new year to ring the bell. They beleive that if they ring their bell at the time of the birth of the new year, their life will be filled with joy, health and wealth.

Panoramic view of the city from the 5th floor of the tower. Fresh breeze blowing on a pleasant day. 

The cranes, thats is standing on top of a turtle is believed to be the Saviour of the city called Wuchang in Wuhan. The tower is name after the yellow cranes. The turtle and the snake helped the crane to save the city from floods. 

In Wuhan, one shouldn miss 3 most important places to visit

1. Yellow Crane Tower - Huang He Lou
2. Yangtze River - Chang Jiang
3. GuiYuan Temple - GuiYuan Si

These are the most important places in the city. 

This post covers just one of the 3 important places. Will come up with the other two with more pics ...

See you soon with more new places and more interesting info..

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  1. Lovely photos and a visual treat


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