Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An attempt to take a professional photo..

This hibiscus was my first garden flower. Looking at these flowers,makes me feel so fresh and lively.. The color, the freshness, the fragrance mixed with the mild fragrance of the watered soil.... Woooww! What a pleasure to our senses. I am sure everyone would agree with me on this... I gazed at this flower for a long time and admired its beauty. I couldn stop taking a picture of this beauty. I had watered it just then. It looked so perfect with those tiny droplets on it. I have two plants of this variety and they bear lovely flowers .

Gardening was an easy task I thought. But now I realise its lot of effort and time. I love to spend time in my garden. This is my first garden.  All this while, I just had some plants in pots and I was not able to give proper attention then, but now, I have this garden and I want to take care of it :-).

This is one section of my garden. Coming to the other part,

She is my other beauty. Can you imagine the color combination? So gorgeous looking rose. Actually, these plants were already planted before I came. So I am not gonna take credit for growing this plant. But I took the advantage to enjoy this nature's gift.

Next this tiny little bud,

When I first came to this house, I was so thrilled to see these plants and flowers... Its a great feeling to stand next to these plants in the morn and smell the freshness. Imagine a cup of coffee with such beautiful flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isnt that relaxing??????? Keep relaxing with my first set of flowers and I will be back with more....

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