Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glimpse of Vatican City

We landed in Rome and were really excited. It was our first trip to Italy. We were welcomed by a tourist guide who took us to our hotel and on the way kept talking about our plan for the next couple of days.

On our way to hotel.. The freeways in Rome

Rome - Freeway

It was very similar to our freeways. The interesting fact is that there were very few people who spoke English. We found it little difficult to manage in English. 

Absolutely clueless, we were going in the car to our hotel. It was interesting drive, struggling to know how far the hotel is from the airport, trying to explain what we wanted to see to our guide, talking about vegetarian food. 

All our struggle, the travel, tiredness was all paid off when we stepped inside the Basillica. My god!!! I have no words to explain my feeling. It was absolute wonder. If you get a chance, I would recommend everyone to visit St. Peter's Basillica at Vatican City, Rome. 

I was moved when I stood before the church. Fantastic architecture. No words to talk about the painting by famous artists like Michealangelo. Its one of a kind architecture. 

View of Rome from the tomb 

The Sanctum at the Church

3D Painting on the Ceiling 

Michaelangelo's Painting describing Evolution of Mankind

This used to be the library at Sisteen Chappel

Capitol - By Michaelangelo, Massive construction

I couldn't come out of that place. It was very very beautiful and massive. Such ancient structures, the new culture was all such a great experience. The food was amazing. The pizzas were just sooooo good. Italian food big hit. We loved our stay in Rome. It was a short period in Rome yet very memorable. If you get a chance, please visit this place. Absolutely amazing!


  1. beautiful pics
    thanks for sharing

  2. நான் நேரில் பார்க்க முடியாத வற்றை படம் பிடித்து காட்டிஉள்ளீர் பாராட்டுகள் .
    சித்த மருத்துவ நடுவம்

  3. Amritha,first time visiting here,liked reading the posts,have been to France,UK and Scotland,but not to Italy.Have to visit China sometime for sure...


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